Professional Woman SilhouetteAs single woman in her mid 40’s I’ve been around the block a time or two; however, nothing prepared me for Him!  

I have a powerful professional role, raised my child to be a contributing member of society and have a friendly, yet, commanding demeanor.  I am 100% woman, yet, never felt the need to be a bitch to get what I wanted. Yet, taking the hill day-in-day-out can be an exhausting way to live.  I will never be high-maintenance; however, I am very much a Practical Princess with just the right amount of sass, class & ass.

People come to me for advice, guidance and discipline.  I am called upon to make hard decisions and face the consequences as such.  I take great pride in my work and while not liked by all, I’m usually respected.  Many strive to be where I’m at – in a professional position of power, financially independent and unattached; however, for me, something was lacking.

My life is full, yet, I still felt an emptiness!

He came to me by surprise and yet I feel as if I’ve known Him my entire life… ‘old souls’ is a perfect way in which to describe us.  

These writings are the result of when The Notebook meshes with The Lifestyle.

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